Glad : Products
GLAD Cling Wrap
Glad brings you the best in food storage solutions. GLAD Cling Wrap clings tight to help keep food fresh. And, it's easy to handle and microwave-safe, so you can defrost or reheat with this versatile wrap.
GLAD Press'n Seal Freezer® wrap
GLAD Press'n Seal Freezer® wrap is 40% thicker than regular Press'n Seal® wrap. Unlike aluminum foil, you can see through Press'n Seal Freezer® wrap, so you can see exactly what you're removing from the freezer.
GLAD Press'n Seal® wrap
While other wraps cling, Press'n Seal® wrap actually seals to a variety of surfaces including paper, plastic, and wood.
GladWare® Containers
Conquer cabinet clutter with new GladWare® Containers with Interlocking Lids. The lids lock together, so you can keep same-shaped lids stacked neatly in one place. Simply press down on the center button to lock lids together, and then store.

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